Альре Сноу
...седьмого идиотского полку рядовой. // исчадье декабря.
Читаю «Praetorian of Dorn», попался кусочек про примарха через восприятие астропата — дивное же зрелище.

«She thought she saw a glimmer of what might have been admiration in the crystal edges of his thoughts. She bowed her head. What moved within the mind of such a being? Rogal Dorn was not human. He was not even transhuman, as his gene-sons were. He was a different order of being, a being who moved and spoke like a man, but only shared those qualities with humans in the same way that fish and men both had blood and bones. He did think and feel, and those thoughts and feelings shared something of the shape of the human equivalent. They flowed and crackled and burned over the surface of his mind, their depth fathomless, and their subtlety impossible for her to grasp. But they were there: anger, sorrow, pain and hope, each of them a thunderbolt to the spark of a human’s emotion.
In many ways he was closer to a human than he was to the warriors of his Legion. They shared his blood, but their minds had been cut to their purpose, instincts sliced away, emotions selected, discarded and the remainder reshaped. They were limited creatures. Dorn was not; he was humanity expressed in grand and terrifying transcendence.
She had reflected that perhaps she alone of all mortals was in a position to understand that. She saw not with her eyes, but with her mind, and no others of her kind had stood so close, through so much, as she had to Dorn in the last years of darkness. Sometimes she wondered if it was the same for his brothers. If she looked at them, would she see the same power circling their souls like a crown?»

Особенно мне нравится про то, что примархи ближе к людям, чем космодесантники. Что логично, потому что примархи воспитывались, так или иначе, среди людей, а создание астартес — это, наоборот, превращение из человека в оружие... Короче, мысль эта среди нас с соратниками всплывала неоднократно, и радует, что не только мы так считаем.

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